Biggest Hacker’s Day in Indonesia!

Warning! Coming up on June 12, the first biggest hackers’ day in Jakarta and even in Indonesian ever! This is an event, for those people who want to be, who want to know, who want to learn and/or think that they are hackers. This event going to be a full-of-sharing event which a lot of interesting researches and topics to be discussed. There will be seminars there with some experts as the speakers and discussion panels, but that’s not all, our real goal is to make real hackers who come and join this event (As a speakers and/or audiences) to share their knowledges – that’s why we gave you guys coffee break, lunch time, and probably a night-socializing time which going to be held in a pub/bar (Thats because we believe that a true expert know how and able to socialize).

This event will be held in Indonesian Language and English. The event program will start at 10 am (WIB) until 5 pm (WIB). But then will be continued with an amiable time and sharing time program. All the informations contained within that very page of Hacker’s Night advertisement – please read it carefully!

The speakers in the seminar come from Indonesian and overseas. They are:

  • Onno Widodo Purbo – Indonesian ICT (Information and Comunnication Technology) Expert
  • Desmond Devendran Alexander – Senior IT and EC-Council Consultant
  • Richardus Eko Indrajit – The Head of ID-SIRTI (Indonesia – Security Incident Response Team on Information Infrastructure)
  • Anselmus Ricky – Also known as Th0R, the writer of “Hackers’ Biggest Secret” books serial.
  • Semi Yulianto – Certified trainer of EC-Council
  • Irvan – Security Consultant
  • Jim Geovedi – Securirt Expert and Consultant
  • Eugene “Mustlive” Dokukin – Ukrainan White Hat Hacker and Security Expert
  • Greg Hoghlund – The writer of the first Windows NT-based rootkit.
  • Johnny Long – A security researcher best known for his Google Hacking Database and the JHS Charity Program for Africa
  • Robert “RSnake” Hansen – The CEO of SecTheory and the founder of Hacker’s Lab.
  • We hope that you can come to this event. Contact the RSVPs above and follow the instructions to register. Early Bird price is no longer exist anymore. We really hope that each of you guys will come and join us in this big IT Security Event of Indonesia!

    Clients Included :

    Events :
    Hacker’s Night, 12 June 2008



    3 Responses to “Biggest Hacker’s Day in Indonesia!”

    1. 1 hinatachantik
      Minggu, Juni 8, 2008 pukul 6:19 pm

      dasar hacker…~.~

    2. Minggu, Juni 8, 2008 pukul 10:34 pm

      maav mba saya bukan hacker atau apapun
      saya hanya manusia biasa yang memiliki keterbelakangan dan kekurangan
      nah dari situ saya di tuntut harus belajar dan saya memang seorang pelajar
      jadi saya bukan hacker

    3. Rabu, April 28, 2010 pukul 6:25 pm

      Artikel yang semoga bermanfaat buat yang baca yaaa….

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